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Eyes Only Online
Partner fansite of us, offering much information, an episode guide, a gallery, and much more.

The Barcodeday Site
Website of the "Barcodeday" which is a fan protest action agains the cancelation of the "Dark Angel" series by the US channel FOX.

The Dark Angel Wiki
Online encyclopedia about "Dark Angel", already containing more than 200 articles. Everyone can help to extend it further.

Small interactive flash quiz with questions around "Dark Angel". The candidate competes against Jessica Alba herself.

The Broken World

Dark Angel Freedom Streaming

Dark Angel Home

494 Obsession

Eyes Only Net

Dark Angel Online

Dark Angel: Post-Pulse

SciFiScene Episodenguide 

hypnoseries.tv Dark Angel

Forums & Boards

Dark Angel Network - The Dark Angel United Network Community
Multilingual community forum of the "Dark Angel Network" which sticks up for the continuation of the series.

The "TV-Community" is a large fan portal with forums about various TV series, shows, movies, and stars. However, the main focus is on Jessica Alba and Dark Angel.

James Cameron

Official Twitter page

James Cameron Online

Jessica Alba

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Offical Twitter page

Jessica Alba Source

Jess Alba US

Jessica Alba France

Michael Weatherly

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Michael Weatherly Fans

Michael Weatherly Fan Website

Jensen Ackles

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Jensen Ackles Portugal

Simply Jensen

Jensen Ackles Brasil

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