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The "Dark Angel Network" was founded in 2006 as a union of several Dark Angel-related fansites striving for the same goal, to get a sequel of "Dark Angel" TV series in form of a third season or a movie. Its idea is to combine forces to reach more fans worldwide and to make a difference, according to the motto "together we are strong". The "Dark Angel Network" wants to attract attention with petitions and protest actions like the "Barcodeday", hoping that the person in charge at FOX will understand someday and yield to the fan's wish.

The forum of the "Dark Angel Network" offers fans from all over the world a platform to discuss about the topic "Dark Angel". There you will also learn everything new, what is planned soon and what the network is currently working on. Every fan can help and contribute with their one ideas. Just come around and have a look...


The production of the TV series "Dark Angel" was canceled prematurely by FOX in 2002 after only two seasons. This sudden end has been extremely disappointing for many fan because the story line was not yet finished and many questions were left open. The later release of two official novels which intended to make up leeway were received as cold comfort only. Many fans are still desirous of a filmic conclusion of the series.

The Barcodeday

The so-called "Barcodeday" is an annual petition and protest action supported by the "Dark Angel Network". On this day, Dark Angel fans from all over the world are called upon sending letters to the US television network FOX in order to collectively demonstrate against the premature cancelation of the series and to express their wish for a continuation or at least a worthy conclusion of "Dark Angel". The first Barcodeday was already organized one year after the cancelation. Further information about this campaign can be fount on the official website of the Barcodeday.

Development over the last years

Unfortunately, it has become more quiet in the "Dark Angel Network" over the last years. There has been noticeably less activity in the forum, and several valued partner fansites have been even shut down completely. By now, almost 15 years have passed since the end of the series, without making considerable progress. Hence, it is also quite comprehensible when fans may gradually turn to other things. This unfortunate development also affects our DARK ANGEL Fanpage which cannot be regularly updated anymore due to time constraints. Nevertheless, we do not want to completely abandon hope for a return of "Dark Angel" and we would like to encourage every fan who can spare some time and energy to get involved...
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